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Possible bug with WindowState property not updating
I tested this on R2022a as well, and it's still there. And since no one responded to my question, I submitted it as a bug. Let m...

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Possible bug with WindowState property not updating
I'm using Matlab 2019b, where I observed that the windowstate property is not updated when a user clicks the unmaximize button. ...

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How do you enable a slider to scroll an entire panel?
The above answers didn't work for me for a programmatically generated GUI in R2019b, and I struggled for an embarrasingly long t...

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Is my wife right?
Regardless of input, output the string 'yes'.

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Calculates the number of standard deviations based on input probabilities

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movie2avi by MATLAB R2011a
I generally find it easier to use VideoWriter instead. It also allows you a more detailed control: %create the object: writ...

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Unable to load many files at once
Hi, I've created a small video-editor using the matlab GUIDE. One of its functions is to load image files in order to convert...

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