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ftp support for uiget* or uiput*
This might be more of a feature request than a question (unless someone knows how to accomplish this), but it would be nice if u...

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Annotation 'arrow' head not aligned with arrow body
It looks like the angle of the arrow head is determined by the inverse tangent of dy/dx (the 4th and 3rd arguments of 'Position'...

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Equivalent of deal for a table
It would be nice to have this functionality. In the meantime, this works, although not as elegant. t.b(t.a>3) = repmat({'big'}...

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How to stop printing anything to command window?
doc evalc

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plotyy is not working properly???
I have found the solution: fh = figure; for f = 1:n [AX(:, f), H1(f), H2(f)] = plotyy(x1{f}, y1{f}, x2{f}, y2...

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plotyy is not working properly???
I am on a Windows machine and it does the same thing for me. Furthermore, if you were to plot several objects on each of the ...

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