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Brian Hong

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Software Engineer at the MathWorks.

Programming Languages:
C++, Javascript, MATLAB, HTML, Arduino
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Professional Interests:
Numerical Integration and Differential Equations, Simscape, Multibody Modeling, Robot Modeling and Simulation, Applied Mathematics


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Phase Plane and Slope Field apps
You can use the Phase Plane and Slope Field apps to qualitatively analyze ordinary differential equations (ODEs).

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How does one plot phase portraits for systems of differential equations?
There are also apps that you can use to plot your phase portrait. Here's one that we created recently:

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ODE system phase plane
You could also use an app. I used pplane in undergrad. We also made a new app for analyzing ODE systems in the phase plane.

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plotting Phase-Plane Portraits
There are also app solutions for this problem. For example pplane, which I used in undergrad (almost 10 years ago now). We also ...

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Qualitative Analysis of ODEs
Interactive courseware module that addresses the qualitative analysis of ordinary differential equations taught in mathematics c...

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Virtual Measurement of e/m Lab
Interactive courseware module that addresses J.J. Thomson’s landmark experiment to measure the charge-to-mass ratio of the elect...

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Vector Arithmetic
Interactive courseware module that addresses the fundamentals of vectors taught in mathematics courses.

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Is there a way to disable the visualization of a Simscape Multibody simulation in the Mechanics Explorer using a command?
You can use a set_param command. >> set_param(<model name>,'SimMechanicsOpenEditorOnUpdate','off')

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