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how to use ReliefF algorithm for feteare selection?
Hey guy, I am using the relieff as well. you have to watch out, how the outputs are given. weight = 0.1399 0.1226 0...

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weird plotregression plots for a 10% of my fitnet neural networks
Dear comunity, i trained a fitnet with a inputmatrix (7x2118 double) and a targetvector (1x2118 double) like this: hiddenLayer...

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Delete a line from a struct
structures can have lines: if you have mystruct(1).field1 = rand(); mystruct(1).field2 = rand(); mystruct(1).field3 = rand();...

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Working with a sturcture, rename top layer by a cell array
Dear comunity, i'm really struggling by reaming the top layer of a stucture. so i have a structure s s = 1×3 struct array w...

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