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Error occured while importing ensemble table to diagnostic feature designer
The icons tell that your inputs 'Data', 'o2', and 'Faultcode' are independent variables. You need to reconstruct 'Data' and 'o2...

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How can I download 'Predictive Maintenance Toolbox' for trial only?
Please visit the link below.

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Importing Live Data into Matlab
Depending on how you want to realize the system. You can use Instrument Control Toolbox to connect MATLAB directly to your inst...

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RUL Prediction based on Degradation models
For the implementation of degradation model, you can refer to the famous Wind Turbine example.

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Question on the selection of threshold in "Wind Turbine High-Speed Bearing Prognosis" example.
If you have 100 samples, instead of calculating the threshold, you can try the similarity model to estimate RUL as an alternativ...

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How to get T-Test Score for feature ranking?
For two groups, Diagnostic Feature Designer App. uses ttest2 with min-max normalized inputs. If you have R2020a and later, you ...

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Diagnostic Feature Designer App can estimate the RUL?!
You can not use Diagnostic Feature Designer App. to calculate RUL. However, you can manually program to estimate RUL with Predi...

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