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How to print several matrices with different dimensions from a single line of code?
Input (randomly chosen): A=ones(4); B=magic(5); C=hilb(6); Is there an easy method to print all of the matrices from a singl...

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Simulink Transfer fcn block parameter displays parameter with underscore as subscript
My simulink model involves transfer functions which have their numerator/denominator coefficients as variables loaded from the w...

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Break title into multiple lines?
Adding to the above answer(s) as I was having problems with inserting variables in multiline plot titles. This code snippet: t...

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how to simulate an impusles response of a transfer function?
For definition (construction) of impulse signal: I...

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Simulink control a battery through breaker
As per the documentation of Breaker, it is not advised to use it in DC applications (such as battery charging/discharging). In t...

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