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Ben T. Nohara

Tokyo City Univ.

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Industrial experiences for 25 years
Academic Activities for 19 years
Currently, Prof.Emeritus, Tokyo City Univ.
Mathematics, Engineering(Control Science, Fluid Dynamics, etc.)


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Future Trends in COVID-19 Infections in NY City and Tokyo
Based on the situation around April 28, we simulated the future spread of COVID-19 infection in New York City and Tokyo using MA...

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微分方程式論(Introduction of Differential Equations)
第1部:基礎編 第1章:微分方程式とは 第2章:求積法, 解析解と数値解 第3章:ベクトル場, 相図:線形微分方程式と非線形微分方程式の違い, Hartman-Grobman定理 第4章:数値解法の基礎事項:オイラー法, 。。。その他

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