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State of Charge Estimation Function based on Kalman Filter
An EKF_SOC_Estimation function estimates a battery's terminal voltage and state of charge using a second order RC equivalent cir...

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IPD and APOD Modulation Schemes for Multilevel Diode Clamped
Neutral point clamped inverter with the in-phase disposition (IPD) and alternative phase opposite disposition (APOD) PWM scheme....

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Control of Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters
THD of seven-level cascaded H-bridge converter controlled using phase-shifted and level-shifted pulse width modulation technique...

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Two-level Voltage Source Inverters
Space vector modulation schemes for 2-level voltage source inverter

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Multi-Pulse Diode Rectifier
Investigate performance of six-pulse and series-type 12-pulse diode rectifiers.

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