add all the same-sized symbol matrices in a cell array

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adding matrices inside cell array

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Actually, the same-sized numeric matrices in a cell array can be easily summarized by using
% Create dummy input
c = {[1 2; 3 4], [3 3; 1 1]}
c =
[2x2 double] [2x2 double]
% Elementwise sum across matrices (only if ALL matrices have same size)
ans =
4 5
4 5
However, it does not work for symbol matrices in a cell.
syms x
q = [x,2*x,3*x;sin(x),cos(x),tan(x);exp(x),2^x,log(x)];
c = arrayfun(@(i)q,(1:10)',...
'UniformOutput' ,false);
错误使用 symengine
Arguments must be 2-dimensional.
出错 sym/privUnaryOp (line 1036)
Csym = mupadmex(op,args{1}.s,varargin{:});
出错 sym/sum (line 85)
s = privUnaryOp(A, 'symobj::prodsumdim', num2str(dim), '_plus');
Here the function is used for this purpose. Although matlab fixed the bug in 2021a and later.
We have
b = symCellSum(a)
And then the answer is obtained
b =
[ 10*x, 20*x, 30*x]
[ 10*sin(x), 10*cos(x), 10*tan(x)]
[ 10*exp(x), 10*2^x, 10*log(x)]
Enjoy for whose matlab version lower than 2020a

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