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Function to draw simple and specialized boxplots (grouped, horizontal, two y axis)

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Function which can be used to draw simple, but also specialized boxplots.
For example :
1) Horizontal boxplots
2) Grouped boxplots
3) Use a different y axis for each boxplots
4) Ignore empty boxplots
5) Display the mean value over the boxplot, and customize it
6) Change the definition of outliers. Can be the inter-quartile range or the standard deviation (and different multipliers).
7) Combine all of the above
Data inputs can ben vectors, matrixes or cells
Colors (edges, filling, outliers) can be customized
This function use the "quantile" function from the statistical toolbox. If not available, I recommend you download the "Quantiles" function by David Ferreira ( and place it in your directory

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