Pearson 3 distribution library

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A package of the most common functions for the Pearson 3 distribution
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For the Pearson 3 distribution
-Estimate the parameters of the distribution for a given sample
-Compute the probability density function (pdf)
-Compute the cumulative distribution function (cdf)
-Compute the inverse of the cumulative distribution function
-Generate a random sample

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Guillaume Talbot (2024). Pearson 3 distribution library (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Fixed some description errors in the help sections


-Statiscal Toolbox isn't necessary anymore
- Harmonisation with my Extreme Values Analysis library


-Small corrections in the help section
-Improved the computation of the L-moments in the Pearson3_fit function. Replaced the "for loop" by a vectorization
-Added an example script


Added image