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Another input parser, very easy to use.

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Another input parser, very easy to use
Most recent version can probably be found at gitlab:

- parsing of:
- flags: check which flag of a set of flags is given (see Note (A) )
- name-value pairs: incl. support of alias names, position independent
- key-words: for simple arguments taking only boolean values
- input checks
- set/conditionally-set/read options
- help text generation
- check for unkown options
- passing of unkown options to other parsers
- fully documented
- no splitting of parsing informations between place-of-definition and place-of-parsing

(A) *** This type of parsing is, to my knowledge, only possible with this parsing function `parsem()` and with `ltfatarghelper()`, the latter part of the LTFAT library, available at github. In particular, Matlabs inputParser also does not support this
(B) Roughly 2x slower than Matlabs inputParser

varargin = {'abc', 'tommsch',4, 'opt2'};
[ val ] = parsem( 'tommsch', varargin, 2 );
% yields: val=4;

varargin = {'abc', 'tommsch',4, 'opt2'};
[ val ] = parsem( 'tommsch', varargin, 2, 'expect',{0,1,2} );
% yields: val=4;
% and a warning that 'tommsch' only wants values 0, 1 or 2.

varargin = {'abc', 'tommsch',4, 'opt2'};
[val,arg] = parsem( 'Olga', varargin );
% yields: val=false; arg={'abc', 'tommsch',4, 'opt2'},
% Since 'Olga' was not given, val is set to false
% Output argument arg contains all so-far unparsed parts of varargin

varargin = {'abc', 'tommsch',4, 'opt2'};
[val,arg,cc] = parsem( {'opt1','opt2','opt3'}, varargin );
%yields: val=1, cc='opt2', arg={'abc', 'tommsch',4},
% val indicates that one of the options 'op1','opt2','opt3' has been found
% in cc it is stored which option was passed exactly

More options are available.

If you like my parser, please let me know,
Furthermore, please report any bugs you found.

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