Implementation of Induction Machine Model

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Simulink Implementation of Induction Machine Model- A Modular Approach
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A modular Simulink implementation of an induction machine model is described in a step-by-step approach. With the modular system, each block solves one of the models; all of the machine parameters are accessible for control and verification purposes. After the implementation, examples are given with the model used in different drive applications, such as Direct AC startup open loop constant V/Hz control and indirect vector control are given. The implemented model is tested for step changes in load torque, step changes in reference speed, no load torque. The results are compared with the Direct Ac startup and Open loop constant V/Hz control. The simulation results recognizes the fact that the inferior dynamic performance of AC motor drives is not because of a basic limitation of the AC motor it self, but because of the manner in which power is fed to the motor and the way this is controlled. Vector control is supposed to be the best controller for driving an induction motor.

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Dr. T Vijay Muni (2024). Implementation of Induction Machine Model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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