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ModelReviewTool will be useful to manually review the Simulink model and to generate the review report in html/xls/ppt formats.

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- To launch the tool, add the entire ModelReviewTool folder into MATLAB path.Then, type the following command in the MATLAB command window >> ModelReviewTool
- Open the Simulink model that has to be reviewed and the tool can be used to log the issues identified in the model.
- Adding an issue: Every issue will have a title, reference system path, reference image, issue type, additional comments.
- Report Table: It holds all the review issues in a table.
- Review report can be exported into XLS/HTML/PPT formats.
- During the review process, the intermediate report can be stored in a specific file format(.mrt) for this tool. This can be loaded anytime and then the review can be continued.
Note: This tool is a prototype. Please share your comments and contact us if you are interested in updating the features further.
Developed by: Sysenso Systems,
1.0 - Initial Version.
Courtesy: This tool uses the following file-exchange submissions. We thank the respective authors.
base64img -
exportToPPTX -
html_table -
imclipboard -

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Sysenso Systems (2023). Model Review Tool (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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