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This script calculates ideal gas properties for common flue gases at 1 bar pressure.
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This script calculates ideal gas properties for common flue gases at 1 bar pressure.
All properties in these tables are calculated using FluidProp computer program. FluidProp uses properties mostly from the book Reynolds, W.C., Thermodynamic properties in S.I., Department of Mechanical Engineering - Stanford University.
If only one input is given, returns whole table for given gas.
If less or more than four inputs are given, returns error.
Else returns linearly interpolated/extrapolated value of given unit.
All properties are valid within 50 - 5000 K temperature range.
Options for gas:
N2, O2, CO2, H2O, air, H2, CO, SO2, CnH2n
Options for x:
T, cp, cv, h, s, rho
Options for v:
T, cp, cv, h, s, rho, R, M, p
Options for xq:
single number or a matrix
Calculating air cp at 345 K:
cp = gasProp('air','T','cp',345)
Calculating CO2 s at 1000 and 1010 kJ/kg:
s = gasProp('CO2','h','s',[1000 1010])
M [kg/kmol]
R [J/(kg*K)]
T [K]
cp [kJ/(kg*K)]
cv [kJ/(kg*K)]
h [kJ/kg]
s [kJ/(kg*K)]
rho [kg/m^3]

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Added extrapolation and removed unnecessary code.


Simplified the code and made it work with older Matlab versions that do not support "_" strings.


Added date of update.
Removed "Air" and "AIR" from cases as they are unnecessary.


Now v = 'M' or v = 'R' works.


Removed inputs' case sensitivity.


Added accuracy to hydrogen density to avoid duplicate values.
Added the ability to calculate properties based on density since earlier version gave error.
Added silent conversion from character inputs to string inputs.