COVID-19 Propagation Simulator (Simulink)

버전 1.1 (2.32 MB) 작성자: Pavel Roslovets
Virus propagation simulator in MATLAB/Simulink

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업데이트 날짜: 2020/10/19

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The model allows a qualitative assessment of the effect of people movement and also quarantine on the spread of coronavirus infection.
The dynamics of the movement of people and the spread of infection was done in Simulink and Stateflow, the processing of results and visualization were done in MATLAB.

Project is based on Propagation Simulator by Guy Rouleau

인용 양식

Pavel Roslovets (2022). COVID-19 Propagation Simulator (Simulink) (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

MATLAB 릴리스 호환 정보
개발 환경: R2020a
R2020a 이상 릴리스와 호환
플랫폼 호환성
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