Parametric Analysis of TLI Delta-V Lunar Trajectories - OTB

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Optimization Toolbox version of the tli_sweep MATLAB script that performs a parametric sweep of TLI requirements for Lunar trajectories.
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PDF document and a MATLAB script called tli_sweep_otb that can be used to perform a parametric analysis of lunar transfer trajectories. The software assumes that trans-lunar injection (TLI) occurs impulsively from a circular Earth park orbit. The software solves for the minimum TLI delta-v using a two-body Lambert solution for the transfer trajectory from the Earth park orbit to the center of the moon. This computer program uses the Optimization Toolbox to solve this classic trajectory optimization problem. The lunar coordinates required by the software are computed using the JPL DE430 ephemeris.
This MATLAB script reads JPL DE430 lunar and solar ephemerides in a machine-independent binary format (kernels) which are available from the SPICE web site and by anonymous ftp from These *.bsp ephemeris files are IEEE-Little Endian style of binary kernel. This is the binary form native to PC/Linux, PC/Windows and MAC/Intel machines. Additional information about JPL ephemerides can be found at
The tli_sweep_otb script uses routines from the MICE software suite to read and evaluate the JPL ephemeris file. Platform-specific MICE mex files, support functions and the binary ephemeris file (de430.bsp) are available at MICE is a MATLAB implementation of the SPICE library created by JPL.

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David Eagle (2024). Parametric Analysis of TLI Delta-V Lunar Trajectories - OTB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Simplified true anomaly guess algorithm. Added graphics display of geocentric distance of the Moon. Updated PDF documentation.


Code updated to handle the case where is the absolute value of the lunar declination at encounter is larger than the orbital inclination of the park/transfer orbit.


Updated several MATLAB functions and the PDF documentation.


Included the park orbit RAAN and true anomaly at TLI as control variables in the perturbed motion optimization. Updated PDF document.