Interplanetary, patched-conic gravity assist - OTB version

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A MATLAB Script for Interplanetary Patched-Conic, Single Gravity-Assist Trajectory Design, Analysis and Optimization
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PDF document and a MATLAB script called flyby_matlab_otb that can be used to design and optimize interplanetary trajectories that include a single gravity assist maneuver. The user specifies the launch, flyby and destination planets, and the desired flyby altitude. The algorithm also requires initial guesses for the launch, flyby and arrival calendar dates. This script searches for a patched-conic gravity-assist trajectory that satisfies the flyby mission constraints (V-infinity matching and user-defined flyby altitude) and minimizes the launch, arrival or total impulsive delta-v for the mission. The type of delta-v optimization is specified by the user.

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David Eagle (2024). Interplanetary, patched-conic gravity assist - OTB version (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Updated to use MICE routines and DE421 ephemeris


Minor editing and rename of objective and constraints functions.