Clustering-based speed-up technique in ARM

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This submission introduces a toolbox for performing fuzzy/non-fuzzy ARM with/without applying a novel speed-up technique.
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This submission is to support submission of the corresponding manuscript:

The contribution of the manuscript is a novel speed-up technique, which application speeds-up association rule mining (ARM). The catchy feature of this technique is that it works well in fuzzy ARM and doesn't work well in non-fuzzy ARM.


Unfortunately, this time, the toolbox has no tutorial or video instruction. Possibly, it will be added later.
The toolbox has 6 scripts to be launched in the following order:
1) Initial_dataset_processing % the script performs clustering to obtain a reduced-size "Data_KM_Final_Set.txt".
2) Initial_dataset_formalization % the script prepares a dataset for further ARM.
3) MF_Show % the script plots the results of partitioning.
4) Critical_C=???? % the operation defines minsupp.
5) Entire_Ruleset_Design % the script performs ARM.
6) FIS_Design % the script creates a Mamdani-Type FIS from the ARM results.
7) FIS_Running % the created FIS is tested on selected data.

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Vugar (2024). Clustering-based speed-up technique in ARM (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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A link to the ResearchGate profile of the corresponding paper is added to the description.


A complete version is submitted.