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Simple image stack visualizer for MATLAB

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업데이트 날짜: 2019/10/12

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This is a simple 3D image stack visualizer based upon FEX submission imshow3Dfull. Compared to that project this one is object-oriented making it easier to extend. Code from imshow3Dfull is very substantially refactored here. Most GUI behavior is the same. This project is very new but it's functional at this point.

For a demo simply run "volView" at command line. More info at https://github.com/raacampbell/volView

인용 양식

Rob Campbell (2023). volView (https://github.com/raacampbell/volView), GitHub. 검색됨 .

MATLAB 릴리스 호환 정보
개발 환경: R2019b
R2013b 이상 릴리스와 호환
플랫폼 호환성
Windows macOS Linux

받음: imshow3Dfull

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버전 게시됨 릴리스 정보

- Slices last viewed in other planes indicated by dashed lines in current plane
- Optional overlay of line data on images
- Image slices *during* motion of slider
- Current slice information moved to fig title
- Further refactoring


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