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BioImage Suite Web (bisweb) is a web-based medical image analysis suite
primarily geared towards Neuroimaging Analysis. We gratefully acknowledge
support from the [NIH Brain Initiative](
under grant R24 MH114805 (Papademetris X. and Scheinost D. PIs).

A good overview of the software can be found
[in slides from a presentation at the 2018 NIH Brain Initiative Meeting](,
which was the first public introduction of the software.

BioimageSuite Web is a hybrid application and toolkit. It contains a set of
command line tools, and desktop and web applications. In addition the code is
modular/componentized and may be useful as a basis for other applications as

We make some the functionality available as a MATLAB package here.

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Xenophon Papademetris (2023). BioImage Suite Web (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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