Current source density (CSD)

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Obtains the current source density from local field potential data recorded from a linear electrode array

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Determines the 1-dimensional (in space) current source density (CSD) for a set of voltage traces obtained from a linear array of electrodes of equal spacing. The CSD can be obtained using the standard CSD method (Nicholson & Freeman, 1975, J Neurophysiol, 38(2): 356-68) or the inverse (delta) CSD method (Petterson et al., 2006, J Neurosci Methods, 154(1-2):116-33). A full description on how to use the function is included within the function script. Any advice or indications of mistakes/bugs would be very welcome.

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Timothy Olsen (2022). Current source density (CSD) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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