metaproperty(classN​ame, propertyName)

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Retrieve objects more easily.

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Includes these three functions:
- metaproperty(className, propertyName)
- metaproperties(className)
-, propertyName)

Retrieving meta.class objects in MATLAB is conveniently done through the ?-operator and metaclass- or meta.class.fromName-functions. This submission aims to provide similar ways to retrieve objects.

The metaproperty function is very flexible with its inputs.

A prominent example where objects are needed is the construction of event.proplistener objects.

Also have a look at the help for these functions to learn more about them. The metaproperty function takes optional arguments to filter the results based on property attributes.

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Roman Müller-Hainbach (2022). metaproperty(className, propertyName) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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