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CB2: Airfoil Optimization with GUI

version (1.06 MB) by Nicholas
CB2 is a GUI-based airfoil optimization program.


Updated 22 Dec 2017

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CB2 allows you to:
- generate or import airfoils,
- parametrize them with PARSEC, CST, or a variant of the Karman-Trefftz method,
- optimize the chosen airfoil choosing between gradient method and simulated annealing,
- choose your objective function and optimization parameters,
- set both parametrical and physical constraints on the airfoil optimization,
- use it as a XFoil front-end thanks to the GUI guiding the process from the start to the post-processing.
CB2 needs XFoil 6.99 executables in the "Solver" folder.
- Bellini, Fabio
- Bonfanti, Nicholas
- Chieti, Stefano
- Civati, Mauro

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Nicholas (2020). CB2: Airfoil Optimization with GUI (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (8)

Impressive work!

Joshua Ott

How long does this take to normally run? I'm using a NACA-0012 with 200 points on the gradient solver and it's been running for roughly 30 minutes.

This software is so useful, you can optimize easily every kind of airfoil.


Removed a GNU license both not necessary (since XFoil is not included in CB2) and not supported.

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