Deep Learning Toolbox Converter for TensorFlow Models

Import and export TensorFlow models within MATLAB

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업데이트 날짜: 2022/9/14

The converter for TensorFlow models enables you to import a pretrained TensorFlow model and weights and export a MATLAB network or layergraph as a TensorFlow model.
To import a TensorFLow network in MATLAB, please refer to importTensorFlowNetwork.
Import Supports:
  • TensorFlow versions v2.0 to 2.6.
  • TensorFlow-Keras versions up to 2.2.4.
  • Limited support for TensorFlow-Keras versions 2.2.5 to 2.4.0.
To export a TensorFlow network from MATLAB, please refer to exportNetworkToTensorFlow.
Export Supports:
  • TensorFlow v2.0 or later
  • Python version 3.0 or later
MATLAB 릴리스 호환 정보
개발 환경: R2017b
R2017b에서 R2022b까지의 릴리스와 호환
플랫폼 호환성
Windows macOS Linux

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