Fixed Point implementation for a Microcontroller

Embedded Fixed Point Implementation of your ideal floating point control designs

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This example demonstrates an easy three click workflow to convert an ideal floating-point model of a fuel rate control algorithm to an embedded fixed point implementation using the Fixed-Point Tool.
It also demonstrates how you can use the Fixed-Point Tool to compress the Look up table memory footprint by choosing the right word length for your look up table and the breakpoints. You can further compare smaller word length and its impact on the numerical behavior of the algorithm in the Simulink data inspector. You can use the Fixed-Point Tool UI as well as the command line interface.
This will help you to take your motor and power control algorithms from floating point to efficient fixed point implementation on microcontrollers or on FPGAs.
Here is the link to the videos showing how to use the Fixed-Point Tool:

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MathWorks Fixed Point Team (2023). Fixed Point implementation for a Microcontroller (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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