Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones

Design, simulate and deploy algorithms to fly Parrot Minidrones

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Simulink® Support Package for Parrot® Minidrones enables you to build and deploy flight control algorithms on Parrot minidrones. Supported minidrone models are Rolling Spider and Mambo.
  • Enables you to setup the Parrot Minidrones to work with Simulink using the Hardware Setup Screens.
  • The support package includes a Controller Project template which you can use as a starting point to build your controller or tweak it to your requirement. It hosts a robust plant model simulation of the Parrot Rolling Spider and Parrot Mambo drones. This enables simulating the results before deploying the model to the hardware. It lets you model 6-DOF equations of motion and simulate aircraft behavior under various flight and environmental conditions.
  • Wirelessly deploy Simulink models to the Parrot Minidrones over Bluetooth®.
  • Using the Monitor and Tune feature, deploy Simulink models to the minidrone and visualize various data signals in real-time using Simulink Dashboard blocks while the drone is flying. You can also tune various parameters like controller gains, constants etc., on the fly and check the performance.
  • Access the images captured from the downward-facing camera of the drone in Simulink models and run basic image processing algorithms on the drone.
  • Simulink models can also access other onboard sensors—such as the ultrasonic, accelerometer, gyroscope, and air pressure sensors.
  • Keyboard Read block enables you to model and control the drone's flight using the Host PC's keyboard.
  • Access the models and MATLAB projects in Parrot support package in Simulink Online. You can open, modify and simulate the models in Simulink Online without the need to install MATLAB or the Support Package. Click MATLAB Online to start a MATLAB Online session. Deployment of models to Parrot Minidrones from Simulink Online is not supported in MATLAB R2021b.
All the examples can be found in the Examples section of the documentation. Here are some important examples:
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If you have installation or setup problems, please contact - Technical Support
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