User-controlled 3D Airplane Animation -- Set of examples

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3D animation examples which lead up to a user-controlled airplane "game".

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DEMO Video:
This series of examples walks you through the steps to create a 3D plane animation controlled with the keyboard.
For the final result, see: "4 Getting fancy> 3 All together > FinalEx.m"

Folders with various examples. Skip right to 4 if you just want the final code!

1. Figure, axis, and plot objects & changing their properties

2. 3D patch objects - single patches, compound patches, rotating patches, translating patches, adding keyboard controls to patches

3. Camera control - changing camera position, target, orientation, and view angle. Following an airplane 1st person, 3rd person?

4. Stuff to improve viewing:
- Importing 3d models as patch objects - cessna, A10
- Adding ground with texture and lighting
- Adding the horizon
- Final example incorporating 1,2,3,4

*** Credit to Eric Johnson for his great STLREAD function on the file exchange:

Originally created for use in Andy Ruina's flight dynamics course @ Cornell University.

**** NOTE: I use the "fig.Properties = 'something'" way of changing things. This works on MATLAB 2014b+. If you are using an older version, you will need to use something like set(fig,'Properties','something') To my knowledge, all other parts are compatible with previous versions.

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1 figure objects

2 Patches in 3d

3 Cameras

4 Getting fancy/1 Fancy planes

4 Getting fancy/2 Fancy environment

4 Getting fancy/3 All together

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