Building Smart Robots with Simulink and Arduino Webinar Files

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Demo files from the Building Smart Robots with Simulink and Arduino Webinar
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In this webinar we will use Simulink and Stateflow to build an Arduino-based robot that is able to detect obstacles and neighboring robots, and then automatically brake or alter speed to avoid collisions. We will highlight some of the key benefits of using Simulink for Arduino programming, including the ability to:
1) Simulate robot behavior before implementing the algorithms on hardware.
2) Define different states (cruise, start following leader and brake) using Stateflow and program the robot to behave accordingly.
3) Interactively tune and optimize these algorithms as they run on the hardware device.
We will also discuss MATLAB and Simulink connectivity with other hardware platforms that are popular for educational and hobbyist use, such as Raspberry Pi and LEGO.

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