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PLY File Utilities

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A repository of utility functions/scripts for processing PLY files in Matlab


Updated 14 Mar 2016

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Goal: Provide basic functionality for ASCII PLY files as an alternative to the ubiquitous STL file format. PLY files utilize face-vertex connectivity to ensure water-tightness, which is critical in additive manufacturing. Advanced formats such as the Additive Manufacturing File (AMF: or the 3D Manufacturing File (3MF: also use face-vertex connectivity, but these formats are XML based and so are a bit messy and overly complicated for the average researcher to use. The PLY file is a compact format that is also easy to read & write, thus provides a good platform for additive manufacturing researchers to utilize as they develop their algorithms.
Note: I apologize for the "messiness" of the code, this code was developed at work and undergoes a lengthy approval process for release. I am working on cleaning up the code and adding functionality (e.g. plySlicer is only a script at the moment, no error-checking, sparse comments etc.), but am releasing now to make available ASAP.

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I have been using 3D scanner to capture some point cloud data of small object.
1. How to convert from point cloud data to meshes the format of my data is in .ply
2. And how can I fill "holes" in the model due to missing views example the top and the bottom side of my model.

please any guidance
thank you

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