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Color detection with camera in iOS devices

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This demo employs the Simulink® Support Package for Apple iOS to program an iOS device.

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This is an example of a Simulink model that uses the Simulink® Support Package for Apple iOS to deploy and run an algorithm on an Apple iOS device. The Support Package lets you to design and run algorithms on iPhone® and iPad® devices using its sensors as inputs and the screen as an output.

This Simulink model makes use of blocks from the Support Package to implement a color detection algorithm on a live video feed from the camera of an Apple iOS device. The algorithm is designed to use the camera of the iPhone® or iPad® device, detect a color specified as a "reference", replace it with a predefined color, and display the resulting video on the screen of the Apple device.

The reference color is defined in the "Reference_Color" block. The color detection algorithm is found in the "Color Detection" subsystem block, which makes use of MATLAB Function blocks to implement the color matching logic. The detected color is then "marked" (or replaced) with the color defined by the marking blocks, containing values for the R, G, and B components.

With the Simulink® Support Package for Apple iOS, you can design signal or image processing algorithms and applications for Apple iOS devices from Simulink. You can also develop more elaborate algorithms using the DSP System Toolbox and the Computer Vision System Toolbox.

For more information, examples, requirements of this Support Package and other recommended products, please visit the following hardware catalog page:

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