Time Series Analysis and Forecast

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TSAF enables you to quickly analyze time series and forecast the future.

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How to open the GUI:
Step 1) download and unzip the package.
Step 2) copy all the files & folders included in the unzipped package into the current working directory of Matlab*.
* To find out the current working directory, please type "pwd" in the Matlab command line.
Step 3) Type "TSAF" in the command line.
Step 4) Enjoy it!
Please watch the following short tutorials to quickly learn the topic and master the GUI:
Tutorial 1 - Concept:
Tutorial 2 - Trend and Seasonality:
Tutorial 3 - ARMA:
Tutorial 4 - TSAF (Example 1) :
Tutorial 5 - TSAF (Example 2) :
Tutorial 6 - TSAF (Example 3)
Tutorial 7 - TSAF (New Feature)
Please subscribe to my signal processing channel to see more tutorials:

This GUI is developed for 2060 Project at the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems at the University of Victoria, Canada. The project has been funded by Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Natural Resources Canada and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. This funding is gratefully acknowledged.

[1] Peter J. Brockwell, Richard A. Davis, "Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting", Second Edition, Springer, 2002.
[2] Chris Chatfield, "Time-Series Forecasting", Chapman &C Hall/CRC, 2000.


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