Ice flowlines

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Easily predict and plot Antarctic ice streamlines from seed locations.
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This function uses Matlab's stream2 function with MEaSUREs Antarctic ice surface velocities to calculate stream lines or flow paths.

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Chad Greene (2024). Ice flowlines (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Updated for compatibility with the new version of the MEaSUREs toolbox, which accesses the raw .nc data rather than re-formatted .mat data.

Minor update: Now if flowlines are plotted and only one output is requested, the lone output is a handle of plotted flowlines.

Introduced plotting in map or polar stereographic coordinates, added support for ps71 coordinates as seed locations, reduced the possibility of aliasing errors by now loading full resolution MEaSUREs dataset for flow calculation.
Upload error in previous attempt.

Now returns along-path velocity, distance, and time vectors.