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Exports a figure as a pdf file in vector format for inclusion into LaTeX.
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PLOT2LATEX saves a Matlab figure as a pdf file in vector format for inclusion into LaTeX. Requires free and open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape. It invokes Inkscape to save the text, labels, legends, titles, etc. to be incorporated into LaTeX. This allows a true LaTeX font and scripts.
Use of the 'PDFLatex' output profile does not directly support psfrag (and therefore laprint or matlabfrag). Plot2LaTex uses the features of Inkscape to export vector image to pdf with supporting pdf_tex file for text placement. Plot2LaTeX supports transparency.
Plot2LaTeX requires Matlab version 2014b or higher.
Plot2Latex requires Inkscape.

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Jan de Jong (2024). Plot2LaTeX (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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- Made compatible for Unix systems
- Added a waitbar
- Corrected the help file
- Fixed file names with spaces in the name. (Not advised to use in latex though)
- Escape special characters in XML (<,>,',",&) -> (&lt;,&gt;,&apos;,&quot;,&amp;)

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