interactive jigsaw game

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Make a jigsaw from your own image - 4 difficulty levels

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This is an interactive game for you to make a jigsaw from your own image, the main features are:
* 4 inbuilt difficulty levels
* Custom make your own difficulty by setting number of pieces, complexity of shape and inbuilt guidance
* The shapes of the pieces will always be different so no two games ever the same
* Pieces can be in any 4 orientations
* When pieces in correct orientation they snap together when in correct position.
* You can save your session to come back to later (required for harder levels)
* Zoom in and out of your canvas
* Pan the canvas
* Group pieces together, e.g. edges and internals
* Toggle visibility of grouped pieces

Developed by Matpi Ltd - developers of the Matlab GUI Toolbox (

Should work in all versions of Matlab from R2008b onwards.

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Robert Cumming (2023). interactive jigsaw game (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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