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Export Figure Widget (efw)

version (5.03 KB) by Kevin Moerman
The export figure widget creates a basic toolbar button to export figures using export_fig


Updated 29 Apr 2015

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The Export Figure Widget creates a basic toolbar button to export figures using export_fig. Pressing the button opens an inputdlg to enter options for export_fig.
The Export Figure Widget requires the external function |export_fig| created by Oliver Woodford and Yair Altman. It can be obtained from the Mathworks Central File Exchange:
See also: export_fig, vcw

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Kevin Moerman (2021). Export Figure Widget (efw) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Wouter AT ETH

Kevin Moerman

Thanks Yair. That sounds good.

I use this within a custom figure function (called cFigure). It has the efw widget (and also the vcw widget) loaded by default so the buttons are always there.

I think the best thing would be a gui that opens on button click with pull down options for image format etc. and options that are excluded if for instance a particular format is chosen. This gui should also have a proper browse button to set the path etc. (browsing is now used if you leave path empty)... but I kept it simple for now :)


Yair Altman

Nice idea! I might incorporate this idea in a future version of export_fig, it seems really useful. (I did a similar thing with my ScreenCapture utility, which has an option to install a toolbar icon).

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Inspired by: export_fig

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