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Lucas-Kanade Tutorial Example 2

version (818 KB) by Zhiyuan
This example shows how to use Lucas-Kanade method to calculate optical flow velocity for objects


Updated 15 Dec 2014

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Lucas-Kanade method is used for to consecutive frames and the optical flow is calculated for the corners (objects).

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Zhiyuan (2021). Lucas-Kanade Tutorial Example 2 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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hao wang

It_m = conv2(im1, ones(2), 'valid') + conv2(im2, -ones(2), 'valid'); % partial on t

Rui Shi


Hello Mr.Zhiyuan, I'm new to Lucas-Kanade method and trying to learn it. Your sharing (Lucas-Kanade Tutorial Example 2) is guiding me. I have 2 questions about your example for clearing my mind.
1) Why have you reduced the size of the image? Is it about motion quantity between two frames? Instead of reducing the size, wouldn't it be enough smoothing the image?
2) Why have you discarded the corners near the margin of the image?


Arezoo Fard

Azin Karimzad


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