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Layout manager for MATLAB graphical user interfaces
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업데이트 날짜: 2023/5/21

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This toolbox provides tools to create sophisticated MATLAB graphical user interfaces that resize gracefully. The classes supplied can be used in combination to produce virtually any user interface layout.
* Arrange MATLAB user interface components horizontally, vertically or in grids
* Mix fixed- and variable-size components
* Resize components interactively by dragging dividers
* Show and hide components using tabs and panels
* Show part of a large component in a scrollable panel
This toolbox was developed by David Sampson and Ben Tordoff from the [Consulting Services]( group at MathWorks.
This version is for MATLAB R2014b and later. For R2014a and earlier, see [version 1](

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David Sampson (2024). GUI Layout Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

MATLAB 릴리스 호환 정보
개발 환경: R2023a
R2014b 이상 릴리스와 호환
플랫폼 호환성
Windows macOS Linux
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버전 게시됨 릴리스 정보

* Added details of web graphics support


* Updated for compatibility with R2020b uipanels
* Fixed G1959226 "Scrolling panel scrollbars and blanking plate do not match background color"
* Fixed G1959228 "Scrolling panel sliders remain after child is deleted"


* Fixed G1910801 "Scrolling panel does not work in figure with Units other than 'pixels'"
* Fixed G1911845 "Unexpected reordering of contents as axes toolbar causes axes to be removed and readded"


* Updated for compatibility with R2018b axes toolbars
* Fixed G1804440 "Flex containers position axes incorrectly when ActivePositionProperty is outerposition"

* Set tooltip strings for BoxPanel dock/undock, minimize/maximize, help and close buttons
* Set default padding for flex containers to 5 so that dividers are visible
* Fixed G1358897 "BoxPanel title is truncated on Mac high DPI display"

* Specify minimum width and height of contents in uix.ScrollingPanel
* Update contents position while dragging uix.ScrollingPanel scrollbox
* Scroll uix.ScrollingPanel using mouse wheel

* Added scrolling panel
* Expand and collapse box panel by clicking on title
* Fixed G1493103 "Error on construction behavior is inconstistent with builtin objects"

* Fixed G1175938 "Cannot use data cursor mode with GUI Layout Toolbox containers"
* Fixed G1367337 "Update flex container pointer on mouse press event"
* Fixed G1380756 "Space behind TabPanel tabs should match parent color"

Bug fixes

* Improved box panel title bar appearance
* Changed selection behavior of uix.TabGroup to match that of uitabgroup when the selected tab is removed
* Bug fixes (see release notes)

Bug fixes

Removed HTML tags from description since File Exchange does not render markup. No changes to the submission itself.
Version 2.1.1 fixes several bugs in version 2.1.