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label data directly on a plot
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An alternative to text, legend, or annotation commands, this function allows you to label objects directly on a plot by entering the handle of a plotted object and a string. Label text is automatically colored to match plotted data, or text color can be entered manually.
h = label(...)

label(h,'string') places 'string' near the leftmost data described by handle h.

label(...,'location',LocationString) specifies location of the string. LocationString can be any of the following:

'left' or 'west' (default)
'right' or 'east'
'top' or 'north'
'bottom' or 'south'
'center' or 'middle'

label(...,'TextProperty',PropertyValue) specifies text properties as name-value pairs.

label(...,'slope') attempts to angle text following the local slope of the data.

htext = label(...) returns the handle htext of the newly-created text object.

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Updated for R2014b and fixed aspect ratio as per Simon Tardivel's suggestion. Thanks Simon and another FEX user Matthias for pointing out the R2014b bug.

A bug fix related to finding label pinning points. New examples added.

typo fix

Improved input/error checking.