Fast kmeans Algorithm Code

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A Very fast and efficient Implementation for kmeans clustering of an Image or Array.
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This code uses MATLAB's Internal Functions and Memory Preallocations to apply a Fast Implementation of kmeans algorithm. This is a efficient code for clustering a gray or Color image or it can be used for clustering a Multidimensional Array.

1. Faster than MATLAB's internal kmeans function.
2. Consistant Output than internal kmeans.
3. 100% convergence.
4. Very efficient for color image segmentation in L*a*b* color space.
5. Very easy to understand and can be easily modified according to requirement.

Hope you will like it. i am waiting for your reviews and comments.

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Change in output mean

These code supports color image as input and returns a segmented labeled image as output.

Minor Changes.

Now return Clustered Image at Output!!!...I will put kmeans for color clustering in next update :-)