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PSO Toolbox with Fast Speed and Interactive GUI.

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psoToolbox provides an interective GUI based Toolbox to solve optimization problems using particle swarm optimization.
Creat a fitness function in M-file.
Function : Function handle of fitness function.
Nvars : Number of variable to be optimized.
LB : Lower Bound of Nvars (1 X Nvars)
UB : Upper Bound of Nvars (1 X Nvars)
C1 : Cognative Attraction
C2 : Social Attraction
W : Inertial
Population Size : Number of Swarms
Max Iterations : Maximum number of epochs.
Click on " RUN PSO " button to start PSO search. You will get the out put
at Edit box below the axes.

To solve problem on command prompt use "pso.m".

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Sandeep Solanki (2022). psoToolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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