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Smart Manufacturing Robotics Cyber Physical System

version (1.49 MB) by Pieter Mosterman
Industry 4.0 as the Towers of Hanoi, where three blocks with local control emerge in a sorted order.


Updated 05 Apr 2018

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A pick and place machine is modeled to provide services of moving blocks either one or two positions over. The objective is to move a stack of three colored blocks from one location to the next such that the final stack is ordered according to color and size. The ordering is an emerging behavior based on local control for each of the blocks. As such, this is a distributed version of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle which is an example of a cyber-physical system.
Stereoscopic vision of a video stream of the virtual world enables the machine to first locate where the stack of blocks is. Feedforward control allows a quick pick and place action. Feedback control is used to move the blocks between locations. A pneumatic airflow is modeled to enable the machine to pick and move the blocks.

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yuning he

Variant control 'useMultirateVariant' of variant block 'cps_base_processor_v2/scheduler variants' must be a condition expression or name of a Simulink.Variant object in the global scope workspace of the model. Ensure that the condition does not match the model name.

kuan jiang

error: Failed to load library 'visionstatistics' referenced by 'cps_blocks_v2/detect light/2-D Maximum'. how to handle with this problem ?

hanchao liu

This software is citable:
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This model was the subject of my presentation at the <i>IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium</i> (RTAS) Industrial Session.
The video of my talk is available on YouTube at

A video of one scenario where a stack of blocks is sorted is available on YouTube at:

Excellent complete example for Model-Based Design!


Added Industry 4.0 to the summary.

Updated license

Added a link to the YouTube video that shows an animation of the sorting of an initial stack of blocks.

This version is extended to now include a third block being sorted.

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