Methane Solubility

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Calculates the solubility of methane in water.
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Given pressure (in MPa), Temperature (in Kelvin) and Salinity (in either mol/kg or parts per thousand), this function uses the formulae in Tischenko et al (2005) and Duan et al (1992, 2006) to calculate the solubility of methane inside and outside the methane hydrate stability field.
This function will compute solubilities either over a range of pressures, temperatures or salinities, or for discrete pressure, temperature, salinity points. Two demonstration can be seen using the following code:

To calculate solubility over a range of conditions:

P = [5:.5:15]';
T = [273:.5:293]';
S = [0:10:30];
SalinityUnits = 'ppt';
Datatype = 'range';
NetCH4Solubility = MethaneSolubility(P,T,S,SalinityUnits,Datatype);
xlabel('Temperature (K)')
ylabel('Pressure (MPa)')
zlabel('Methane Solubility (moles CH4 per kg water)')

To calculate solubility for discrete data points:

P = [5:.5:15]';
T = [273:1:293]';
S = [0:1:20]';
SalinityUnits = 'ppt';
Datatype = 'points';
NetCH4Solubility = MethaneSolubility(P,T,S,SalinityUnits,Datatype);

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This update is only to ensure the acknowledgments written in the script are also included on the Mathworks download page. "Methane Solubility" gratefully acknowledges the XSteam script by Magnus Holmgren and the Progressbar script by Steve Hoelzer.