Methane Hydrate Stability Toolbox

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Determine equilibrium pressure or equilibrium temperature of methane hydrate.
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These three functions estimate the stability conditions for methane (clathrate) hydrates. To estimate the equilibrium temperature in kelvin of a hydrate at a given pressure P_MPa in megapascals, simply type

T = methane_hyd_eq_temp(P_MPa)

into your command line or code. Likewise, to determine the equilibrium pressure at a given temperature T_K, type

P = methane_hyd_eq_press(T_K).

The third function in this toolbox is a qualitative reference. The function methane_hyd_stability(P_MPa,T_K) returns the text "hydrate is stable" or "hydrate is unstable".

Model taken from Peltzer & Brewer's 2000 work, Natural Gas Hydrate in Oceanic and Permafrost Environments. Peltzer and Brewer used Sloan's Experimental data to update Dickens and Quinby-Hunt's 1994 model.

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Linked to William Waite's methane solubility function.