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cmtdtool can reduce and automate manual operations required to perform model-based testing.
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cmtdtool is an assistant tool for model-based testing in MBD processes. Initially, this tool is developed for JMAAB-CMTD-WG (JMAAB: Japan MBD Automotive Advisory Board, CMTD-WG: Control Model Test Design Working Group). After several improvements upon feedback from the JMAAB-CMTD-WG members, it is published to MATLAB Central.
Test design, composing test model, test execution, and reporting are performed when you run tests for a controller model. This tool helps you to reduce and automate manual operations required to perform them.
(1) Excel to SignalBuilder conversion
(1-1) Create SignalBuilder block from Excel selection
Import, add, and replace time-dependent signals selected region in a Excel sheet into SignalBuilder block.
(1-2) Import test vectors in Excel sheet to SignalBuilder block at once]
Import multiple time-dependent signals into a Excel sheet to a SignalBuilder block at once.
(2) Excel to Truth Table block conversion
(2-1) Generate Truth Table block from Excel]
Import a truth table represented in an Excel sheet to a Truth Table block.
(2-2) Generate Truth Table for assertion verification
Import verification equations represented in a Excel sheet to a Truth Table block.
(2-3) User defined test
Generate a block which enables to check relations between inputs and expected outputs represented in an Excel sheet.

(3) Test Harness
(3-1) Generate test harness
Generate a test harness model which is composed by SignalBuilder + Data Conversions + Controller model from a controller model.
(3-2) Generate harness to compare with expected output
Generate a test harness model to compare outputs from a model with expected outputs for given test signals.

(4) Reporting
(4-1) Automatic test report generation
Run each set of signals in a SignalBuilder block in a test harness model and generate test report automatically.

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Updated license

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Added two options (1) to set a link between tests and Excel region (2) to select a style of test harness: a) model block or b) copied subsystem.