Multi ROI/Mask Editor Class

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This Class allows you to easily define multiple regions of interest (binary masks) with a nice UI.
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This is a class with a convenient user interface to define multiple region of interest (ROI) masks on a given image.

All the imroi tools (freehand, circle, rectangle, polygon) can be used to define these region(s).

Loading and storing of previously defined ROI masks to and from files is easily done via the UI toolbar.

Multiple regions are labeled using the connected component labeling method (using the MATLAB built-in bwlabel function).

Generated Information:
- Binary Mask (obj.roi)
- Label Mask (obj.labels)
- number of independent regions (obj.number)

You can listen to the object's "MaskDefined" event to retrieve the ROI information generated (obj.getROIData) or get them directly from the objects public properties.

Run the example to see how it works.

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Jonas Reber (2024). Multi ROI/Mask Editor Class (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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