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Mogi: point source of dilatation in elastic half-space

version (3.6 KB) by François Beauducel
Computes surface displacements, tilt and strain due to point source of dilatation at depth


Updated 15 Sep 2019

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The Mogi [1958] model allows to calculate analytic solution for surface deformation due to a point source in an elastic half-space. This model is widely used to simulate ground deformation produced by local perturbation like volcanic magma chamber. It computes displacements, tilt and strain in a polar space, due to a volume variation at depth [Anderson, 1936] or an isotropic pressure variation in a spherical source [Mogi, 1958].

The proposed Matlab script is a literal transcription of Mogi's simple equations, extended to non-isotropic medium (Poisson's ratio different from 0.25). All parameters can be vectorized. See help for syntax, and script comments for details.

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François Beauducel (2019). Mogi: point source of dilatation in elastic half-space (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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- improves documentation
- comment input arguments checking

Bug correction: radial strain value (optional er output argument) was wrong... Now corrected.

IMPORTANT: corrects an error when specifying elastic parameters E and nu.
Adds some checks on input arguments.
Adds a scheme explaining the model parameters.

Possibility to specify a Poisson's ratio different from 0.25 for non-isotropic medium. Previous input parameters are still allowed.

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