Image Halftoning by Jarvis Method

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This program converts a gray image into halftone image.

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Digital halftoning is the process of converting a continuous-tone images into strictly black and white images such that, when viewed by the human visual system, the pattern creates an illusion of being a continuous shade of gray.

The binary image created by halftoning is used in binary display devices, such as desktop inkjet printers.

In this program, the input gray image will be converted into halftone image of same size using Jarvis's Error Diffusion Method.

Those who are new to Matlab Programming can see the "SampleUsage.m" file for the usage of the script "jarvisHalftone.m".

Those who are already familiar with Matlab Programming can directly use the script "jarvisHalftone.m".

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Athi (2023). Image Halftoning by Jarvis Method (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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