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Improves the style of lines in MATLAB generated eps files
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This function is deprecated. Please use EXPORT_FIG (also available on the File Exchange).

This function improves the style of lines in eps files generated by MATLAB's print function, making them more similar to those seen on screen. Grid lines are also changed from a dashed style to a dotted style, for greater differentiation from dashed lines.

The screenshot demonstrates the improvements, with the figure (top right) being printed to eps (bottom left), which is then improved (bottom right) using FIX_LINES. Note how the effect becomes more marked on thicker lines.

The function additionally moves any embedded fonts after the bounding box information, to ensure correct cropping in Ghostscript.

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Oliver Woodford (2024). fix_lines (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Fix bug (only affecting R2006b & earlier) introduced in last update

Attempt to fix problem caused by tiff preview, as reported by D Ko (thanks). No error in ghostview now, though last drawn line disappears (only with tiff preview).

Move embedded fonts after bounding box info (for R2006b and earlier).

Better error recovery. Improved backwards compatibility. Reduced memory requirements.