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GUI tool for comparing the contents of 2 directories
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COMPDIRECTORY GUI tool for directory comparison.
COMPDIRECTORY opens a GUI for comparing the contents of 2 directories. It performs recursive comparison for all subdirectories. It checks for file/directory names, file sizes, and modification dates.

In the GUI, if an entry does not exist in one of the directories, then it marks an 'x' in front of it. If an entry has a different file size, then it marks an 's' in front of it. If an entry has the same file size but a different modification date, then it marks a 'd' in front of it.

COMPDIRECTORY(DIR1, DIR2) starts the GUI with DIR1 and DIR2

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Jiro Doke (2024). COMPDIRECTORY (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Updated license

Fixed a bug that emerges when a folder name shows up above . or ..

Original name had a name clash with a matlab function.